ICT security

Nowadays, the increasing complexity of computer systems exposes any company to security threats.

The HERMES Security Competence Centre guides you from the identification to eradication of these threats and also helps you to comply with the law.

Our collaborators are always trained and willing to put their skills at your service to help you identify the most valuable assets, essential to your business, that need to be protected against threats. In order to achieve this, we:

  • Identify threats against whom you must absolutely be protected by making tradeoffs between cost of protection and cost of assets.
  • Define the security policies and guidelines to put in place in your company.
  • Implement security policies and guidelines defined by our/your experts.
  • Test and assess your real protection.
  • Monitor your security mechanisms to continuously improve your protection.
  • Audit and evaluate your security policies and guidelines and their implementation, and propose improvements.

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